How To order:

1. Call or text 208-258-4596 or email ( to request your interest in a metal print.

2. I will discuss the order with you, take payment, and order the print from my print lab. Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.
Metal prints can be sent directly to your address from the print lab anywhere in the U.S.

Boise Area No shipping costs.
Outside The Boise Area Both the print and shipping costs will be charged.

Metal prints come in four finishes: glossy, semi-gloss, metallic, or matte. All are UV and scratch resistant. Both gloss and matte offers vibrant true-to-color results. The glossy has an amazing shine while the matte offers amazing depth and less reflection. The metallic finish will allow the metallic nature of the aluminum to show through in the lighter color areas of your image.

To clean your metal print, use glass cleaner and a clean rag.

Pricing For Metal Prints


Size Price
8x10 $55
8x12 $65
8x16 $80
8x24 $117
8x30 $158
10x10 $68
10x13 $93
10x15 $100
10x16 $110
10x20 $112
10x30 $190
11x14 $80
11x17 $100
12x12 $83
12x16 $105
12x18 $120
12x24 $150
12x36 $235
14x18 $130
15x30 $245
15x45 $550
16x16 $132
16x20 $150
16x24 $182
18x36 $340
18x54 $630
19x38 $365
20x20 $182
20x24 $222
20x30 $267
20x32 $285
20x40 $400
20x50 $640
24x24 $260
24x30 $335
24x36 $392
24x48 $700
28x38 $470
29x58 $828
30x30 $602
30x40 $617
30x45 $880
30x50 $930
32x48 $962
36x36 $852
36x54 $1180
38x38 $917
38x50 $1167
38x58 $1307
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